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Care Instructions

Hand wash verses Dishwasher

My pottery is high fired meaning that it is fine to put in the dishwasher (I put my pottery in the dishwasher at home) however to keep your pottery glazes looking their best I advise to hand wash where ever possible or alternate between the dishwasher and hand washing. There is a greater risk of ceramics getting chipped or cracked in dishwashers due to items clanking together during the cycle. 

Hand washing is always kinder to hand made ceramics, and the chemicals in dishwashers can be very harsh and will scratch the glazes over time ( this is why glasses often look dull after many washes in a dishwasher ) 


My pottery is high fired so will most probably be fine in the microwave however I am not able to test a range of microwaves so just to be on the safe side I advise to avoid using them in the microwave.

Thermal Shock

As with all ceramics, avoid thermal shock by not exposing your pottery to rapid temperature changes.  The risk of thermal shock is greater when pottery is large. Always warm teapots or large mugs with a little hot water before filling.  Allow freshly boiled water to cool a little before filling your mug.  Always heat food in ceramics from a cold oven. Never put a plate from the fridge into the oven or microwave, never put a hot dish into a sink of water.